Subnet Spotlight: Crabada

This week, GoGoPool TV released a video outlining Crabada, an exciting new project on the Swimmers Network. If you did not have an opportunity to check out the video, here are some highlights:

What is Crabada?

Crabada is a play-to-earn game operating on Swimmer Network’s subnet. Swimmer network built their own custom blocktain on Avalanche specifically for gaming, taking advantage of the unique, flexible infrastructure of subnets. Crabada’s gameplay integrates DeFi principles using an entertaining gaming structure.

What is the gameplay?

The gameplay is similar to other token-based online video games like Gods Unchained or Axie infinity. In Crabada, players can engage in battles within a 3D arena, mine for resources, loot fellow miners or enemies, go on fun adventures, and breed new characters. The ability to breed characters (i.e. NFTs) is particularly exciting because each crab has its own genetic makeup. After breeding, a crab’s offspring will inherit its dominant genes; however, each crab has a 0.07% chance of receiving a genetic mutation, resulting in a legendary crab. The game’s graphics coupled with the opportunity for players to breed new NFTs enhances the gameplay experience.

Is there lore?

Yes there is! Crabada legend tells the tale of the six original crab factions. Any combination of genes a player’s crab receives will have descended from one of the 6 original factions. These powerful warriors bear unique strengths and abilities that vary based on their stories, which read as fun snippets of high fantasy. For example, one of the factions is the Children of the Ore, said to hail from the Indian ocean. Due to the ocean’s extremely warm temperature and rocky bottom, this family of crabs was shaped into a group of hardworking, short tempered, and brawny little pinchers. These are the types of crabs typically used for defense, but there are other factions whose characteristics are better for offensive attack.

Game economy

Crabada is powered by two tokens: CRA (Crabada) and TUS (Treasure Under the Sea). CRA resides both on Avalanche’s C-chain and on the Swimmer Network. It can be bought on decentralized exchanges such as Trader Joe, and used as a governance token. CRA can also be staked by playing the game during an incentive period to earn rewards. TUS isthe native token of the game’s subnet, Swimmer Network. It serves as in-game currency earned by playing idle and battle games. TUS can be used for gas fees, breeding and buying crabs, as well as other games featured on the Swimmer Network subnet.

Noteworthy statistics

When the game was released, it had a total of 26,871 active unique wallet addresses with an active daily usage of over 2,600 users. Since the beginning of September, Crabada has been processing anywhere from 140 to 150,000 transactions per day. As Crabada functions on Swimmer Network’s custom blockchain through a subnet with eight validators, the transactions can be efficiently processed with lower gas fees.

Founders and Funding

Crabada’s core founders remain mostly anonymous, however there are some known, impressive, names on the team. The known co-founders include:

  • Oxtender who conducts business operations at Crabada and recently ran a tech consulting business.

They additionally have a strong team of game and strategy developers, artists, and product and community managers to assist in the development and enhancement of Crabada (see their team here).

In November of 2021, the team at Crabada held a Community Bootstrap event to distribute their initial supply of CRA tokens following two token distribution events that same year. On November 5, they announced the conclusion of the $600,000 strategic private round that included some big names like Avalanche, Avalaunch, Skyvision Capital, Not3lau Capital, Zee Prime Capital, Demons, Wangarian, and others.

Looking to start your journey with Crabada? Checkout how you can get started by visiting their whitepaper. For more subnet spotlights, please check out our YouTube channel GoGoPool TV, follow GoGoPool on Twitter, and join our community of developers and validators in our discord.



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