Hunting Party

3 min readFeb 21, 2023


by APAs & GoGoPool

Join the Hunting Party! A one-week competitive game where four teams hunt for resources, make hilarious memes and battle it out for a chance to win big prizes ($3,000 MV!). You can track your progress and team standings 24/7 on the leaderboard.


Looking for the results of the raffle? Check them out here!

How to Sign Up

  1. To claim your spot, click the official sign-up link below
  2. Click ‘Claim Your Spot’
  3. Connect your MetaMask (If your MM is not detected, disable the Core Extension and refresh)
  4. Connect your Twitter to boost your raffle chances and download your memes
  5. Hover over the team asset packs to discover your team
  6. Gameplay begins Sunday, 2/26, at 11:59 pm EST

Official Sign-up Link

Sign-up here:

How to Play

  1. Players can shoot up to 100 arrows per hour and can only hold a maximum of 100 arrows.
  2. Point-and-click to shoot at woodland critters.
  3. If you successfully hit a critter, it will drop a resource that can be viewed on the leaderboard.
  4. There are many different critters to target, each with unique resource drop rates unknown to competitors.
  5. Teams can work together to create a balanced hunting plan and increase their chances of success during the results period, but it’s not required!

How to Win Prizes

There are 5 ways teams and individuals can win prizes in Hunting Party:

1. Raffle

Earn tickets for completing one of the following tasks

  • Sign Up= 1 ticket
  • 300 Arrows Fired = 1 ticket
  • Loudest Team= 10 tickets
  • Highest Scoring Team= 10 tickets


  • 3x Golden OOPA Token
  • 1x Workshop Smol Estate (29 AVAX FP)
  • 1x Smol APA (66 AVAX FP)
  • 1x Ripperz
  • 1x Ferdy ID

2. Highest Scoring Team

To become the “highest scoring team,” create a balanced hunting plan and stay consistent with your shots to gain as many resources as possible before the results party.


  • OOPA Mint Whitelist for Entire Team
  • Raffle Boost +10 tickets for Entire Team

3. Loudest Team

To earn the title of “Loudest team,” use our event hashtag on Twitter. Individual Twitter scores are calculated based on the engagement of their tweets. The sum of individual scores for each team will determine which team is the “Loudest.”

  • #teamOOPA
  • #teamRIPPERZ
  • #teamGOGO
  • #teamFERDY


  • Raffle Boost +10 tickets for Entire Team

4. Highest Scoring Individual

To become the highest-producing hunter in the event, set clear goals, track progress, and adjust as needed to maximize results


  • 50% AVAX pool
  • $250 GC
  • 1x Golden OOPA Token

5. Most Accurate Individual

To be eligible for the accuracy prize, you must fire a minimum of 1500 arrows. Accuracy= Hits/Shots.


  • 50% AVAX pool
  • $250 GC
  • 1x Golden OOPA Token


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