Avalanche Now Has the Quickest Way To Launch Validators

2 min readDec 6, 2023


Announcement: The GoGoPool One Click Launcher is Live

Avalanche is now home to the easiest way to launch a validator node in web3 — with a single transaction. Now, users only need to hold ~1111 AVAX in their wallet and make a single transaction to launch a validator node through the GoGoPool protocol — resulting in a minipool, the highest ROI way to run an AVAX validator node.

Go to http://bit.ly/one-click-minipool… and launch an Avalanche validator node as a Minipool — the highest ROI way to run a validator.

To celebrate the One Click Launcher’s release our partner ooNodz is offering a 25% discount on hosting until 12/11.

You can also qualify for your share of over $400K in monthly $GGP incentives by signing up before 12/9.

Now launching a validator is a matter of a simple, one-click process, eliminating the need for coding expertise or navigating through multiple sites. We are addressing the often complex and technical challenge of launching a validator head-on.

For more details about the One Click Launcher and how you can get started keep reading below.


Launching a validator on Avalanche is complex and technical, requiring coding knowledge and navigation across multiple sites.


GoGoPool introduces a one-click solution for launching Avalanche validators, streamlining the process significantly.

Key Features

Simple Launch: Validators can be launched with just one click

Lower Entry Cost: Launching your validator through the One Click Launcher requires 1111 AVAX total instead of the traditional 2000 AVAX + hosting fee

No Hosting Setup: Your NodeID is generated on GoGoPool, powered by ooNodz

Increased Rewards: Users can earn more without needing to set up anything — just deposit AVAX, and earn an extra AVAX commission + GGP rewards

Advanced Options: Options for one-click or manual setup

Ease of Use: No complex setup or management is required

Underlying Technology — Smart contract-based infrastructure via Oonodz, with $GGP market buying handled for users — Secure staking through GoGoPool protocol which utilizes advanced multisignature technology

How to Use:

  1. Fund your wallet with 1111 AVAX
  2. Visit https://app.gogopool.com/create-minipool/… and use the One-Click Setup button
  3. Select your country or residency and validation length, then hit the “Create My Minipool” button
  4. Join the community of Avalanche validators in our Discord: https://discord.gg/VjqjSr8waC


GoGoPool aims to simplify launching nodes for any Subnet, making blockchain technology more accessible and introducing NodeFi — a concept for maximizing risk-adjusted yield from validator nodes. This service is positioned to make validating on Avalanche and Subnets much more accessible and rewarding, attracting a broader audience to blockchain and decentralized technologies.




Decentralized staking protocol building for Avalanche Subnets.