Avalanche Creates: A Hub for Visionaries

The week of October 24th, a band of 150 Web3 builders, creators, researchers, and developers gathered in Berkeley, California for “Avalanche Creates”.

Breevie, head of marketing at GoGoPool (right) and “Avalanche Creates” attendee

The conference offered a space for the Web3 community to connect with and learn from industry experts. “Oftentimes I’m the only crypto person in the room, so it was nice to be able to speak to people on a high level about exciting Avalanche projects,” said Breevie, head of marketing at GoGoPool. The conference boasted an impressive list of well-established company leaders who shared plans for cutting edge innovations.

Among them was Freedom Preetham, founder of Kena.Ai. Kena is a decentralized music creator marketplace which operates using artifical intelligence services to facilitate the music creation process.. Another was Savvy DeFi, a decentralized lending protocol that allows crypto users to receive lines of credit on future yields, resulting in non-liquidating lines of credit.

In addition to gaining insight on up-and-coming projects, attendees received invaluable advice on a variety of areas to explore when building an organization in the crypto industry. Two of the most heavily discussed areas were marketing and community management.

Mike Kinkoph, head of business development at GoGoPool shared his experience stating, “For me personally, the most enlightening [speaker] was Jenny Xu. She runs a move to earn protocol, and she gave a talk on community management. It was impactful to me because I hadn’t heard about the idea of a digital community manager.”

As the industry continues to grow, it has become increasingly necessary for builders and creators to engage in community outreach and track online conversations. Jay Kurahashi Sofue, VP of Marketing at Avalabs spoke about the importance of community building stating, “Avalanche Creates allowed Avalanche community leaders to come together to support each other and ensure that their repsective innovations ha[d] the highest chance of success. Combining both education and a pitch day offers the best model for maximizing success for Web3 creators.”

An event like Avalanche Creates offers an opportunity for each member of the Web3 community to understand each other’s “why,” and to innovatively collaborate towards building a stronger Avalanche ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and consumers alike.



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