Announcement: ggAVAX Integrates With DeltaPrime!

3 min readDec 12, 2023


We are excited to announce to ggAVAX holders that ggAVAX has officially been integrated into Deltaprime!

This collaboration gives ggAVAX holders a plethora of defi strategies to access and will help further expand Avalanche and Subnets.

A Milestone Integration: ggAVAX and DeltaPrime

This integration is more than just a technical collaboration; it symbolizes a seamless blend of two innovative forces in the DeFi space. Here’s what this means for ggAVAX holders:

  • Improved risk management: With the integration, ggAVAX holders can now modify their exposure, borrowing up to 5x their ggAVAX. This opens up new avenues for investment strategies and risk management (think for example borrowing AVAX, trading that for ggAVAX).
  • Collateral Flexibility: ggAVAX can now be used as collateral for a multitude of new DeFi activities. This includes participating in longing/shorting of DeFi assets, liquidity pools, and exploring diverse farming strategies.
  • Improved support: Every ggAVAX holder actively supports GoGoPool as well as Avalanche as a whole. With this integration you can increase your support from $100 to $500, without having to deposit any additional money.

The Avalanche Effect: Why This Partnership Matters

Unleashing Trapped Liquidity:

One of the primary benefits of this integration with Deltaprime is the unlocking of trapped liquidity within the Avalanche ecosystem. AVAX that would otherwise get trapped in overcollateralized lending pools, can now be borrowed and swapped for ggAVAX instead, strengthening the Avalanche chain.

Additionally, by enabling more efficient and diverse uses of ggAVAX, the collaboration ensures that liquidity is not just present but actively contributing to the broader ecosystem’s growth.

Expanding Avalanche and Subnets

The utility and leverage options provided by this partnership incentivize users to hold and utilize ggAVAX. This is crucial for maintaining the decentralization and security of Avalanche as an integral aspect of GoGoPool’s contribution to this partnership is our innovative approach to launching validators on Avalanche.

Traditionally, launching a validator required significant technical know-how and a substantial financial commitment. However, with GoGoPool’s mechanism, launching a validator becomes less complex and more affordable. By depositing ~1,111 AVAX, in one-click individuals can be matched with the necessary additional AVAX, signup for their hosting, and have their validator launched and managed. This simplifies the process dramatically, removing the barriers of coding expertise and complex multi-site navigation.

Introducing DeltaPrime: A DeFi Powerhouse

DeltaPrime has established itself as a leader in the Avalanche ecosystem, providing trustless, undercollateralized loans and maximizing fund utility. Its partnerships with top DeFi protocols like Trader Joe, GMX, and Yield Yak have positioned it as a hub for a wide array of DeFi strategies.

  • Expanding DeFi Horizons: DeltaPrime’s platform allows users to explore borrowing, lending, and liquidity pooling with greater ease and effectiveness.
  • Strategic Collaborations: The collaborations with various DeFi protocols ensure that DeltaPrime users have access to the best and most diverse financial strategies in the decentralized space.
  • Risk management: DeltaPrime shows that leverage does not necessarily lead to an increase in risk. With many of her users hedging their assets within the platform, they increase generated fees and incentives, while reducing exposure to the price of the asset.


The GoGoPool and DeltaPrime partnership is more than just a collaboration between two entities; it’s a forward leap for the Avalanche ecosystem. By enhancing liquidity utility, simplifying validator operations, and offering diverse financial strategies, this partnership paves the way for a more inclusive and efficient DeFi environment.

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